Starting up a business with Hanse Ventures

One way of starting up a business is to collaborate with an incubator such as Hanse Ventures. In this instance, we see ourselves as an institutional co-founder that develops new internet and mobile business concepts or refinesing existing ones. We implement our ideas together with suitable founding teams. We are therefore always on the lookout for talented entrepreneurs who are a match for Hanse Ventures. If you see yourself as one of our founders of tomorrow, please apply online. The benefit for our founders: they can fully and entirely focus on their business, leaving Hanse Ventures to provide specialist knowledge, contacts to investors and office space.

Or do you already have a specific idea, and can you see yourself implementing this together with Hanse Ventures? In that case you are more than welcomed to apply for our three-monthly pitch event “Ideensturm”. There you have the chance to pitch your idea in front of our team and get direct feedback. We are organizing the “Ideensturm” within our offices followed by networking and finger food. Instead of a pitch deck, we ask you to complete our application form, and present your idea and your team to us. We will, of course, keep your material confidential.

You are not sure if being an entrepreneur is the right thing for you but you want to feel the spirit? As an entrepreneur in residence at Hanse Ventures you can find out how much entrepreneurial spirit is inside you. For further information please click here.

You want to found with us?

Do you already have a concrete idea and would like to put it into action together with us? Instead of a business plan, we would ask you to Apply to our 'Ideensturm' pitch to introduce your idea and your team to us. Of course, we will treat your idea confidentially and honestly.