Our Team

Our founders can fully focus on growing their business. Because Hanse Ventures’ dedicated team supports them from the outset, working with them from the start-up to successful implementation.


Experts for every scenario

Close cooperation and know-how – that’s the formula for kick-starting your business. Our experts are close at hand, and renowned for their many years of experience in their respective fields. They are involved in every portfolio company, and regularly discuss ideas with the founders. Everyone benefits from this sharing of knowledge.

Management and networking for founders

The management team and founding partners connect our start-ups with decision-makers from business, politics and society. Hanse Ventures’ management team is known for its extensive expertise and considerable experience in entrepreneurship and management. It provides crucial support for the financing of promising start-ups and access to its valuable network of investors and industry contacts.

Extensive expertise for our founders

Hanse Ventures is not a large corporate group. Nor are we venture capitalists. As institutional co-founders, we are united by our passion for innovation and the urge to make things happen and achieve success. The combination of our partners’ and management team’s on and off-line expertise has reaped tangible rewards.

Jochen Maaß is the founder and CEO of Hanse Ventures, and has extensive experience in internet business. Jochen has been a web-entrepreneur since he was 15, and had already supported over 30 start-ups before founding Hanse Ventures. He uses his experience for our portfolio companies, advising them about their strategic direction and providing assistance with investor pitches.

Tobias Seikel is Partner at Hanse Ventures. He is responsible for the operational management of the Company Builder in order to strengthen the corporate structure. He acts as the point of contact for our Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) trainees and handles the continuous development of the programme. He also coordinates company-wide project management between Hanse Ventures and the start-ups.

Marvin D. Andrä is partner of Hanse Ventures. He supports existing portfolio start-ups in structural challenges and growth limitations. In addition, he is intensively involved in our new ventures. Marvin has been active in the German start-up scene since his school days – as founder and investor. Marvin is a sparring partner for our companies in terms of structuring and execution of financing rounds and professional communication with investors.

In addition to the operational management team, the founding partners Dr Bernd Kundrun and Rolf Schmidt-Holtz are also very involved with Hanse Ventures. They both advise and coach the founders of our portfolio companies. They also act as mentors to the participants in our EiR programme.

Business Development for founders

The Business Development team is Hanse Ventures’ think tank. It identifies new trends and promising areas of business in the internet and mobile segment – including ones that go beyond national borders. Our trend scouts are active in emerging markets and our network of friendly internet companies, business angels and venture capitalists stretches around the world.

Our treasure hunters – what we are looking for

We constantly monitor the market and conduct research. The aim is to develop new business models and concepts and to adapt established models for new markets. We have an open-minded view of all business sectors: we transfer successful off-line models to the internet and are also fascinated by innovative on-line approaches with no “proof of concept”.

As a result, we are increasingly focusing on one thing: the mobile internet. That is why we are testing different business models in this sector. We are developing and programming mobile applications for different categories and markets. This is our playground – here we are experimenting with technology and design, functionality and revenue models.

Your stage – how to convince us

Besides expanding our own pool of ideas, we also deal with ideas we receive from aspiring entrepreneurs. Similar to a pitch, we deliberately steer clear of lengthy business plans: As a potential entrepreneur, you can present your idea and your team using the ‘Ideensturm’ Pitch Form. We will then examine and evaluate it using our set of criteria and market analyses. If we are convinced by you and your idea, we will arrange a personal meeting. It goes without saying that we will treat every idea as strictly confidential.

Product Development for founders

The product development team is our creative nucleus. Together with the founders, it is responsible for creating visual and technical concepts and implementing ideas. From name suggestions, to corporate identity, to fully programmed websites and apps, our team of experienced developers and designers provides all-round support. The creative mind behind our product development team is Daniel Kurtius.

The brand maker – from the egg comes a chicken

We start work once the initial idea has been formed: together with the founders, we mould this idea into a concept and create the product. Based on the target group we create a brand– from the logo, to the claim, to the visual appearance. We therefore think in terms of multi-media, creating both an off- and online presence: from the landing page to the advertising material, we ensure that everything comes from the same mould.

The developer – Featurama meets Gyro Gearloose

The visual concept is one aspect and technological implementation another. We are a well-established team of developers who use state-of-the-art technologies to give our founders a decisive competitive edge in the market. This involves professional project management as well as a sound IT infrastructure and optimised processes. For us, iOS UX Design, Scrum and Ruby on Rails are not technical buzzword bingo, but our daily passion. We therefore not only develop plans with the founders, but also support them in their growth. In later phases, we are also the point of contact for the implementation of new features.

Online Marketing for founders

Our online marketing team develops internet strategies for Hanse Ventures and our start-ups. As a “gateway to sales”, it ensures that our portfolio companies are able to make successful online sales. The team is responsible for the overall project management of all online marketing initiatives, from planning, to implementation and monitoring, to tracking. The team is managed by Alexander Pickert.

We plan and measure

The major advantage of online marketing compared to off-line initiatives is that its results can be measured. We therefore not only develop various channel strategies, but also define and measure KPIs and results. From banner advertising, to search engines, to email and affiliate marketing, we plan and implement all the relevant actions. We critically examine the results and optimise our initiatives with ongoing testing and learning. We are also constantly looking for new ways to further promote our start-ups and their products. Our motivation is our start-ups’ sales results.

We provide answers and seek solutions

What needs to appear in the subject line of an email to ensure that customers actually open it? How should mobile adverts be structured? As an online store operator, how can I increase the interaction on my site? No matter what questions the founders ask us – as specialists, we have the answers. And if these are not immediately obvious, we work together to find the solution. For us, online marketing means providing our start-ups with a solution and sales-oriented service with personal added value.

We coach and advise

Knowledge management is high on our agenda: we coach and advise our founders, share our expertise and purposefully develop our start-ups’ online marketing talent. Our founders therefore benefit from our many years of international experience and our strong online marketing network. We ensure that our founders also establish their own reliable network on which they can depend.

Human Resources for founders

The human resources team is the link to new employees, young professionals and the Hanse Ventures’ talent pool. It assists the founders with all their personnel matters – be it recruitment, staff appraisals or employment law issues. At the same time, it acts as a point of contact for the Entrepreneur in Residence programme (EiR), and organises internal and external training courses. Ann-Kathrin ThielkeSarah Austenfeld and Lynda Weisgerber are part of our human resources team.

Innovators and founder talents

A brilliant idea is nothing without the right people behind it. The human resources team brings together ideas and founders. In order to find tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, we have developed a network with colleges and universities. We provide students with insights into the life of a founder, using presentations, workshops and the testimonies of our start-up trainees. We act as a point of contact for university marketing.

Combined strength

A founder is also only as strong as the team behind him. Who has what skills and who fits in where? We know the formula for the perfect team of people. We handle recruitment for our portfolio companies, for which we know no geographical boundaries – from Hamburg to Brazil. From E for employment law to V for visa, we take care of the entire application process.

Prospects and team spirit

Great employees are hard to find, and in order to retain them, we look after their well-being: development prospects are identified during regular feedback meetings, and individuals’ horizons are broadened with internal and external training. A team spirit also plays a major role – be it at game nights, barbeques or events. The team also looks after Hanse Ventures’ young professionals: We support our Entrepreneurs in Residence by regularly making improvements to the programme, developing the next steps, and sharing in the excitement when the trainees present their own ideas during regular pitching sessions.

You want to found with us?

Do you already have a concrete idea and would like to put it into action together with us? Instead of a business plan, we would ask you to Apply to our 'Ideensturm' pitch to introduce your idea and your team to us. Of course, we will treat your idea confidentially and honestly.